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A conjecture on S. fr. 581.9 Radt

Band 143 / 2015 / Heft 4
S. 491–497


The conjecture ἀποσταλεὶς δόμων is proposed for the corrupt reading ἄπ’ ἄλλον εἰς τόπον in S. fr. 581.9 R. ἄπ’ ἄλλον εἰς τόπον may conceal a verb of movement and a genitive of separation stating the place Tereus leaves after his metamorphosis. Reading ἀποσταλεὶς δόμων would throw into sharp relief the importance of the house Tereus has to leave behind, as well as his exile from the place he used to inhabit when he was human. Construing τῶνδ’ with δόμων would highlight the contrast between the house Tereus abandons, which can be seen on stage, and the wilderness he exiles himself to after his transformation.

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