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Die Hermeneutik der Personifikation im Recht

Rechtsperson und Gewalt

Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie
Band 101 / 2015 / Heft 4
S. 473–487


We can distinguish three forms of personification: Sensualizing personification, in which a presumed spiritual entity is presented in a material form; animating personification, in which a material object is given a symbolic spiritual meaning and finally the moral personification, in which an empirical subject receives a moral subjective status. Legal personification resembles the moral personification in its normativity and in giving the subject a new artificial status. This personification is carried out in the form of law, however, namely in a reflective normative order. Only in this personified legal status, is the struggle of the individual for law (Jhering) in itself a legal procedure and the person rid of its subjection to mere power.

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