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Wortakzentwandel in Entlehnungen

Eine Beispielstudie zum Nutzen von Tiefenanalysen und „unsauberen“ Korpora

Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik
Band 81 / 2014 / Heft 3
S. 257–273


By evaluating two corpora containing linguistic data on spoken standard language usage (with a total of 770 speakers), the current range of variation of lexical stress in loanwords will be analyzed. In doing so, the focus will be on the age and background of the speakers to be able to document processes of linguistic change and regionalisms. Regarding the phenomenon studied here, it becomes apparent that more detailed and multicausal separate analyses are required to interpret the results conclusively in spite of an overall trend that was at first convincing (and that would support the theoretical assumptions concerning the loanwordʼs age and the source language influencing the rate of assimilation). The results of the individual analyses contradict the assumed “overall trend”. One of the corpora was collected by experienced field workers, while the other was collected by students. By comparing both corpora, some light can be shed onto the question as to what extent “undirected” and less rigidly collected data can support or complement more extensive and costly research projects.

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