Martin Heidegger: Theorist of space

Sozialgeographische Bibliothek
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2. unrevised edition
116 Pages
ISBN 978-3-515-11761-6 (Print)
ISBN 978-3-515-11781-4 (eBook)

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Explaining Heidegger’s ideas on spatial phenomena simply and succinctly, this e-book will be provocative and invaluable to anyone interested in space and spatial theory. The author gives incisive, informative, and compelling analyses of Heidegger’s overall philosophy and of his changing ideas about space, spatiality, the clearing, places, sites, and dwelling. This study also charts the legacy of these ideas in philosophy, geography, architecture, and anthropology and includes a bibliography of select works that examine or are influenced by Heidegger’s ideas on space.
Keywords: Bibliothek, Geographie, Theorist, sozialgeographisch
  • Contents7-8
  • Abbreviations8-9
  • Note on Quotations, Translations, and Cited Books9-11
  • Preface11-13
  • 1 Biography13-18
  • 2 Philosophical Works18-23
  • 3 Basic Philosophical Ideas23-45
    • The Questions of Being23-26
    • Being and Time: Existence, World, and Temporality26-34
    • After Being and Time: Truth, Metaphysics, and the Event34-45
  • 4 Space, Spatiality, and Society45-80
    • Categories of Space45-49
    • The Spatiality of Existence49-64
    • The Place and Site of Being64-75
    • The Open as Space75-80
  • 5 Legacies80-110
    • In Heidegger’s Wake81-89
    • The Legacy of the Spatiality of Existence89-95
    • The Legacy of Place and Dwelling95-105
    • The Legacy of the Clearing105-110
  • 6 Selected Significant Writings and Secondary Literature110-122
  • Appendix: German Quotations122-126
  • Author Index126--1